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    Mon - Sat 9.00 - 19.00

Car Inspection from Expert Mechanics

Zcar Workshop is a five-year-old service station located in East Melbourne. Being one of the leading car repair, car service, brakes and car air conditioning specialists in Australia, we make sure that you get a complete check-up for your car. Our technical experts are the best mechanics in Melbourne and have profound knowledge, skills and experience, so you can sit back and relax as your vehicle is in good hands! Do not allow minor problems or your car to become a serious issue. We make sure the smooth functioning of your car. Owing to our professional behaviour and high-quality service, we have emerged as a reliable and popular name in this industry. That is why several clients revisit us and appreciate our quality service. Our service station consists of all the equipment necessary for servicing. Contact us at the office or call us to book in your auto repairs or car service today. Our ultra-modern setup comprises the following things.
  • Large air compressor
  • An IATN subscription
  • OBDII Scanner
  • Basic Scope
  • Oxy Acetylene Torches
  • Hand & Angle driller
  • Sturdy Work benches
  • Fire Extinguisher

Service Visit at Your Doorstep

Feel free to ask for a visit by our mechanic. We offer a service visit at your preferred location. Why let your car service overdue when we are just a call away. Book an appointment with us at your office & get your car with a smooth finish at the day end. The service station is equipped with all the latest machines, have sufficient space for several cars, and we have a massive workforce. Moreover, we provide special training to our mechanics so that they develop the ability to fix the most challenging problems in the least possible time. So, same day delivery after servicing or repair work is not at all a concern for our team. And owing to this specific quality, we have become a reliable name, and that brings all the car owners to our place. Our high-quality and rapid car servicing is one of the most significant factors behind our success and working tirelessly to improve our quality further. There are many more features that make us one of the leading car service providers in Melbourne. They are as follows:
  • 24-Hrs assistance
  • Seven Day Working
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Free one month in case of the breakdown after service.
  • Free Pick Up & Dropping facility
  • Issuing of the Service Book for each client
  • Lowest service charge
  • Service facility at the client’s preferred location.
  • Use of the high-quality engine oils.

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