Nissan GT-R

What are the best modifications for Nissan GTR

Nissan GT-R is one of the unique productions of Nissan. It is a 2-door 2+2 sports car launched in 2007.  Though Nissan is no longer a part of the skyline range but the car is a successor model to the Nissan skyline GT-R.

Prior to the launch of the vehicle, only 2 concept vehicles were displayed. One was unveiled in 2001 at the Tokyo motor show and the other one was unveiled in 2005 which presented a preview about how a 21st-century model would look like.

The GT-R is known for its speed which can go well beyond 193 mph. On comparing the vehicle with other motor cars such as Porsche 911 GT3 and BMW M3, GT-R was declared the fastest on the track.

Apart from its speed, it is also known for its high ranged modifications. Some feasible and relevant mods include:

  • 3-inch exhaust
  • CBRD 700R turbo compressor wheel and actuator upgrade
  • injector dynamics 1300 injectors
  • Cobb AP with CBRD speed density Pro-tune.

Nissan GT-R is in itself a fast machine from the get-go, but such modifications make it into a marvelous product for those who simply have a need for ridiculous speed.

Developers at Nissan have worked upon its VR38DETT engine which allows mods like CBRD to boost power levels by very large margins. The most attracting feature of the vehicle is its factory-made upgradation. The great minds at Nissan don’t allow its customers to sacrifice drive-ability or horsepower bumps.

Another magnificent modification was the development of radiator cooling solution which is one of the first set of mid pipes for the car. To fully modify the vehicle, CBRD added some more supporting instruments such as injector dynamics 1300cc which provide ample fuel delivery. To take care of boost of GT-R, CBRD 3-inch intakes and a front mount intercooler are attached.

Nissan GT-R is branded as “the fast and the furious” in the car world. Since 2007, the launch has pushed the sale of import cars to the forefront and none has ever been able to compete with the mighty GT-R.

Some of the most highlighted modifications are:

  1. Super lightweight magnesium wheels delivered by shadow sports. Developers at shadow sports are concerned for the performance of the vehicle so they put the focus on weight savings by using lightweight magnesium wheels.
  2. A simple chip used by Zele has created a great jump in horsepower. Their main focus is to optimize the engine to give GT-R a whopping 550 horsepower from the 3.8-liter twin-turbo.
  3. Lastly, the invention of the legendary in-house tuner Nismo has completely changed the overall performance of the mighty vehicle.

Undoubtedly, GT-R is a car for those who are simply mad for speed. Owning a Nissan’s premier supercar is no less than a dream. Moreover, its sky reaching modifications are like a cherry on the top. To look for even more insane performance, the developers at Nissan at employing super minds from all parts of the world to sustain “the fast and the furious” tag.